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Zaron mini shops in Kano

Zaron – GAME store, Ado Bayero Mall

Zaron is one of the leading Nigerian cosmetic brands. you can read more about the brand here. I remember the joy of going to mangal plaza in Kaduna to test for my foundation shade back in 2012/2013 when zaron was the newest kid on the cosmetics brand block. At the time their store was one of the few stores that offered the service before you bought their product. Sometimes you got a free makeover. So finding a place where I could get that same feeling here in Kano got me super excited.

After the recent Kano makeup fair, new mini-shops were opened. Before this, to get Zaron products, you either had to buy online, depend on individual distributors or go to the market (where there was a risk of buying a fake product). Now we all know that one of the things we have to deal with in Nigeria when it comes to cosmetics is counterfeit products. Because of this, I don’t buy cosmetics from the market. I prefer to buy from dependable distributors or online directly from the manufacturer. The good news is that you can now get Zaron products here in Kano without the fear of them being fake. All you have to do is go to Ado Bayero mall on Zoo road and check out Casabella or GAME stores or you can visit the Jifatu store that is on Obasanjo road.

I went to the one in the GAME store and they were having sales. I got a few products which I will review on another post. The lady there is so friendly and helpful. Also, that makeup box in the picture below contains products that can be used to find your shade. Nice right?!.

What I got

I picked up the Zaron face definer which is a palette that contains a highlight, contour, and bronzer and the Zaron eyebrow definer palette which contains a highlight, defining gel and defining powder.

Zaron face definer and eye brow definer palettes

Also, I got a matte lipstick and a lipstick pen (they were on sale so I got one free. yay!! who doesn’t love a deal right?!).

Zaron matte lipstick and lipstick pens

Would you like to see a review of what I got? Please let me know in the comment section.



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