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Nigerian brands Reviews Skincare

Product Review: H.S.F Naturals PURE Moringa Oil.

H.S.F Naturals is a Nigerian skin and hair care brand founded in 2019. They offer several beauty products made from plant based key ingredients, ethically sourced from various parts of Nigeria and Africa. They celebrated their first anniversary in November last year and I got gifted their best-selling product which is PURE Moringa Oil. The …

Thél mask trio set
Nigerian brands Reviews Skincare The Beauty Plug

Product review: Thél Skincare trio mask set

Thél Skincare is the brain child of Nigerian Youtuber Hauwa Indimi. It launched in 2018 with its “miracle” face mask and was an instant hit with skincare enthusiasts familiar with the brand. It was hard to go through Instagram without seeing someone with green goop all over their face. The brand has since launched two …

Products: Activated charcoal soap
Nigerian brands Reviews Skincare The Beauty Plug

Products: Bath Kandy activated charcoal soap and body butter

Hi beauties, I will be reviewing the activated charcoal soap and body butter from bath Kandy. This is a product from a Nigerian brand that I have featured on a previous post (you can find a review about one of their products here). Before we get into it, a little back story about why I …