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Self-care: Why you should keep a gratitude journal.

Self-care: Gratitude journal

Self-care is “the practice of taking action to improve one’s own health“. Gratitude is “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to kindness”. In my opinion, gratitude is a form of mental self-care. It helps one to be happier, focused, content, less stressed and less depressed. You can express gratitude to God, family, neighbors, colleagues e.t.c.

A gratitude journal is a book where you record the things for which you are grateful. It is a personal thing that you end up filling with unique experiences. Very often, we forget the many things we have been blessed with and it is easy to take these things for granted. A gratitude journal will help you to take stock and remind yourself of these things. Since feelings of gratitude are associated with memories, You could refer back to the journal when you’re feeling down for instance.

My gratitude journal

gratitude journal
From Lagos with love: Shamama

I won my first ever giveaway on Instagram in March this year for which I am grateful. I didn’t have to tag all my family and friends to win either. All the brand asked for was a genuine opinion about their business in the comments section. This was not hard to give as I appreciated their products and how well they worked with other brands. They loved my thoughts and I won. Yay!

The brand asked me to pick a gratitude journal from their new collection “from Lagos with love” and I chose “Shamama”. The fabric cover of the journal was beautiful, luxurious and a bit bougie. I purchased an additional one to share with someone. Let’s all share in the gratitude! ( if that was corny, I am not apologizing. hehe). I held a giveaway on my instagram page for the extra journal. Also, you can follow me so that you don’t miss out on random giveaways Such as this one.

The journals came with a handwritten note and I appreciated the personal touch. The note read;

“Dear Fatima, thank you for your patronage! These handcrafted books were made specially for you and we hope you enjoy using them much more than we enjoyed making them!”.

Inside the journal

It contains daily gratitude prompts that help you with documentation and they are shown in the picture below.

journal flat lay
Inside the journal

I am enjoying my journal and I think it is a good thing to have. If you have never used a gratitude journal or a journal of any kind, get one with prompts. They will help in guiding your entries.


My journal was a gift. The journal I purchased cost 1000 naira and I paid an additional 1500 naira for shipping from Lagos state to Kano state, Nigeria. More information about the brand is at the end of this post.

Bonus tip: the happiness jar

What would this post look like without a bonus tip?. Today is not the day you’ll find out. In 2015, I did a “happiness jar challenge” and I enjoyed that too. It involved writing things that made you happy on a piece of paper (I used post-its) and putting it in a jar.

The idea was to start filling the jar at the beginning of the year and then present it to yourself at the end of the year. I enjoyed opening my happiness jar, reading the things I wrote brought back happy memories and it was therapeutic.

You can decide to either keep a gratitude journal, try a happiness jar or both. Either one will make you appreciate life and how far you have come. Trust me on this one.

Which one of these would you like to try? Do you have a gratitude journal? Do you think having gratitude journals/happiness jars is a rubbish idea? let me know in the comments section.



Littart by A’i is a Nigerian creative stationery brand that makes fabric covered notebooks and gratitude journals. You can reach out to them on Instagram: @littartbyai or their website:

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