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Ramadan: Intentional Ibadah through Journaling

Ramadan journal

Ramadan is a time to reflect on Allah’s rahma (mercy), seek forgiveness, renew intentions and commitment to attaining the highest place in Jannah. For me it is a promise of a clean slate In sha Allah. I am writing this because I want you to feel the same way I do about Ramadan thanks to the journals from @thedottedpearl.

So as you know, Ramadan is coming and the thought that we would not be able to pray taraweeh and tahajuud in congregation is just sad. This is because, COVID-19 has us all staying at home, practicing social distancing and praying for a lasting cure. To that end, I am going to share with you something that has made me enjoy Ramadan in the last two years.

Ramadan journal 2018
My Ramadan Journal 2018

In 2018, I purchased my very first Ramadan journal from @thedottedpearl on Instagram . Before then I just went into Ramadan with expectations to perform ibadah but I wasn’t really mindful about it. The many prompts and suggestions quickly made me realise that a lot can be achieved in 29 days. I particularly loved the Qur’an reading guide which helped me to complete reading in 20 days. The checkpoints after 10 days helped me to renew intentions and take stock of the journey so far.

Ramadan journal
My Ramadan Journal 2019

The 2019 journal came with a du’a book. This allowed me to catalogue my adhkars and people I wanted to keep in prayers. Last year was also the second year in a row that I completed reading the Qur’an during the month of Ramadan. While it might not seem like much to some. It meant a lot to me (still does actually). I read the Qur’an and tafseers of the surahs. It was a feeling that I cannot put into words, just know that it was fulfilling. What made it even better was that I took a leave of absence from my job during that period so I was fully immersed in the experience. This year you can do the same since we are all on lockdown anyway.

Ramadan journal

Each year the journal gets better than the last with more updates. This year, the journal includes the usual prompts but with updates like recipes, reminders, short stories to inspire and so much more. I can’t wait to try the recipes and I look forward to Ramadan in good health In sha Allah.

Ramadan journal

I got the “Ramadan dream box” which contains an A5 Ramadan journal, Qur’an journal and Du’a journal + a free gift. It cost 9000 NGN and 2000 NGN for delivery to Kaduna.

You can purchase the journal seperately or a box set like I did. Also, you have the option to choose the size of journal you want. Place your order on the website linked below.



How do you prepare for Ramadan? Do you plan it out or just wing It? Let me know in the comments.

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