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Products: Bath Kandy activated charcoal soap and body butter

Products: Activated charcoal soap

Hi beauties,

I will be reviewing the activated charcoal soap and body butter from bath Kandy. This is a product from a Nigerian brand that I have featured on a previous post (you can find a review about one of their products here). Before we get into it, a little back story about why I got the products. So sometime in August 2019, I started having this really weird itching all over my body. It started on my right leg and then spread to my entire body.

The more I scratched, the more I saw some weird spots in the affected areas. I got scared thinking it was several things ranging from an allergic reaction to skin cancer (if Google was to be believed lol). Anyways, one of the things I took out when ruling out allergic reactions was my body lotion and I decided to try the activated charcoal soap and body butter.

Actually, the products were recommended by the person handling the Bath Kandy page when I told her my symptoms. The activated charcoal range was recommended because it extracts impurities from the surface of the skin. I was sold on the idea and I got it. Now that you have the backstory, read on for the review. However, you know the drill, read till the end to get my overall thoughts on the products.

What I got

Activated charcoal soap and body butter. I lost my external hard drive and with it my beautiful product photos. You’ll have to make do with crops from instagram. I am sorry.


The products were delivered in brand packaging with a sweet note (you know how I get with notes. I love them!). A really pretty paper bag with pink and white stripes. The body butter was in a clear jar labelled ‘Bath Kandy body butter’. The body butter was a mix of white and grey. I say grey because, you could see specs of activated charcoal which is black. A little black + a lot of white = grey ( the math and science supports me on this one). The soap was sealed with a clear plastic wrap.


The brand packaging is clean and girly which I love. I appreciated how the body butter jar was clear so one can see the product. This would help you to know when you’re almost running out in order to restock and if the product has changed colour. I didn’t experience any colour change but for my beautiful product hoarders a clear jar is a plus. Also, I loved the swirly effect of activated charcoal and body butter. The soap packaging was just okay.


None was listed for the body butter but I know for sure there was activated charcoal. Very helpful, I know. As for the soap, the ingredients listed are; Activated charcoal, bentonite clay, shea butter and “our special blend of oils”.


I always say you should check the ingredients list to know what you’re putting on your skin. This is in case of allergies or anything. I did not listen to my own advice here, i just trusted the brand because I have used their products before.

Directions for use

It is a soap and body butter, you know what to do


The body butter cost 6,000 naira and the soap was 3,000 naira. I paid for 2,500 naira for delivery to Kano state. So in total 11,500 naira.

Overall thoughts

First of all, I got these products because of the itching I kept experiencing all over my body. The soap was honestly smaller than I expected it to be. It was creamy and lathered well but if you get it, be sure to keep it in a dry place after use to avoid it melting. Also, it will stain your sponge so, get a dark coloured sponge that way you won’t see the stain :). The products helped to reduce the itching especially the body butter because it was very moisturizing and non-greasy. We hate greasy, okay ‘hate’ is a strong word but we strongly dislike greasy.

Did the body butter cure my itch? No it did not because after consulting a dermatologist, I found out that what I had was a fungal infection (disgusting, I know) and not bacterial. The body butter helped to soothe my skin and the activated charcoal in it might have taken out impurities but ultimately, I had to take oral and topical fungicidal medicine. My skin was smooth and soft with a light fragrance after each use. It also enhanced my complexion, there was a glow people!

I would recommend the body butter for people with dry skin because it is super moisturizing. I have used several body butters before and I will say based on the moisturizing and sealing effect this butter gives, it was like using a ‘the bodyshop’ body butter + Vaseline. A bonus is that the body butter did not stain my body or clothes. I read that that’s always a fear with products containing activated charcoal.

Will I repurchase? The body butter definitely. But it’s a no for the soap it is too pricey for its size.



Have you ever tried any body Butter that has activated charcoal in it?

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Bathkandy is an environmentally friendly, skin-loving, beauty preserving, artisan bath, and body company. they make handcrafted food-inspired bath and body products with natural ingredients sourced within Africa and beyond.

Instagram: @bathkandy


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