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Product review: Thél Skincare trio mask set

Thél mask trio set

Thél Skincare is the brain child of Nigerian Youtuber Hauwa Indimi. It launched in 2018 with its “miracle” face mask and was an instant hit with skincare enthusiasts familiar with the brand. It was hard to go through Instagram without seeing someone with green goop all over their face. The brand has since launched two more masks and other products. They also have a convenient trio set that has all the masks they offer which I’ll be reviewing today. Since we have three masks this review might be longer than most so grab a cup of tea and enjoy.

What I got
Thél mask trio set

The Thél trio mask set which contains the Miracle face & body mask, the Curcuma glow face & body mask and the Arabica coffee face & body scrub.

Thoughts: while you can get the masks in single full-size packs containing 90 grams of product each, I opted for the trio mask set which contains 30 grams of each product. This is because in my opinion it contains the right amount of each product to sample before committing to a full size pack.


The products were delivered in brand packaging. A paper bag with minimalist design. The products were sealed in air tight, white Ziploc bags which were transparent at the back so you could see each product.

Thoughts: I love the clean and minimalist aesthetic of the brand. Also, the airtight Ziploc bags will definitely help to keep the products protected from moisture.

Thél ‘Miracle’ face and body mask
Thél miracle face mask

This was the brand’s first offering. It is a green powder with yellow specks that contains spirulina and tumeric. It claims to hydrate the skin, detoxify, cure acne and oily skin. Also, it has anti-aging properties. The directions for use are as shown in the picture below.

Thél miracle face mask

Thoughts: First of all, let me just say that this product stinks, the smell is not for the faint of heart. If not for my superwoman-like strength, I won’t be typing this out today (no exaggeration) but I got used to it. I mixed and applied the mask on my face as directed. Once you get past the smell, the mask gives a tingly sensation as it dries which feels like the impurities are being drawn out of your skin. At least that’s how it felt for me.

After my first application, I noticed that my skin wasn’t as dull as it was before use. I continued to use this mask every other day or night for 4 weeks and let me just say it performed! I have noticed less pore clogging and breakouts on my face. Also, I noticed a decrease in the appearance of sebaceous filaments. This product really does perform miracles.

Thél ‘Curcuma glow’ face mask
Thél Curcuma glow face mask

This mask is an orange powder with brown specks that contains Tumeric, flour, orange peel and secret Chadian ingredient . It claims to contain high antioxidants, improve under eye puffiness and dark circles, help with dry skin, acne, psoriasis and eczema, reduce pigmentation, even out skin tone and provide brightening and instant glow. The direction for use is as shown on the picture below.

Thél Curcuma glow face mask

Thoughts: I use this after washing off the Miracle face mask and let me just say that the glow is real! It smells earthy and is definitely more bearable than the Miracle mask. I mean I can actually sip tea/water while this one sets. It has the same tingly sensation I experience with the miracle mask. Also, I noticed a decrease in hyperpigmentation on my forehead, dark spots and lip area. This one is highly pigmented and will stain your sink however, it washes off easily. It will also stain your face towel if you use them. I use paper towels which I discard after use anyway so this wasn’t a problem for me. You can definitely use this product alone but I recommend applying it after the Miracle mask for the full glow effect.

Thél ‘Arabica coffee’ face & body mask
Thél Arabica coffee face mask

This mask is a brown powder that contains fresh coffee (I am assuming Arabica coffee), egg powder and secret ingredient. It claims to exfoliate, reduce cellulite, improve dark circles and brightens skin. The direction for use is as shown in the picture below

Thél Arabica coffee face mask

Thoughts: This smells good enough to brew honestly and I am not a coffee person. I used this once on my face and I think I wasn’t gentle enough with the scrubing because I woke up with two new pimples the next day. Thank God for the Miracle mask and Curcuma glow mask , world war Z was averted. I haven’t used it as a face scrub since then but I have used it as a body scrub once. It was okay. I’ll probably use it once a month as a body scrub until I run out.

Customer service, Delivery and Price.

I ordered my products from Thél Skincare’s official stockist on instagram @myamariam. The package was delivered days after purchase and customer service was impeccable. The trio mask set cost 12,900 NGN, I also purchased their mask bowl set for 2,600 NGN and delivery was 2,000 NGN to my doorstep in Kaduna. So in total 17,500 NGN.

Overall thoughts

I got these products from Thél Skincare because my skin was just not the same after the horrible incident of 2019 as detailed on this post. Your girl needed a miracle and they had a product called ‘miracle mask, it was a sign.

I never was one for mixing and applying products. I prefer an already made product in a jar, tube or bottle so that I can just slather as needed and move on. However, the process of mixing and applying these products was almost therapeutic, self care is not overrated people.

The miracle mask and Curcuma glow mask did as promised and more in my opinion. I noticed less outbreaks and texture on my face while using them. Something I noticed though is that my skin is now more sensitive because when I use my normal face masks/scrub, there’s a little texture or the odd pimple. This suggests that the products are now too harsh for my face. This could be good news because it means that these natural products can just be added to my routine. However, the increased sensitivity means that I have to change other products in my routine. Take a look at my face before using the mask and how it is now.


I don’t expect everything to clear in a few weeks but this shows promise. You’ll notice that the appearance of the spots have decreased. My sister keeps saying “these face masks are really working for you, stick to them”. If that is not an unbiased review I don’t know what is, if you have a sister you’d understand. 🙂

Will I repurchase? Yes I will. Especially, the Miracle face mask and the Curcuma glow face mask. We didn’t hit it off with the Arabica coffee face scrub but maybe you will.



Have you tried any Thél Skincare products? Is there any of their products you’d like me to review before you purchase? Let me know in the comments.

Thél Skincare is a Nigerian brand that provides natural skincare that is plant based and handmade.

Instagram: @thelskincare

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  1. Fatima Zahra says:

    This review helped me to make up my mind about buying their products. I’ll buy the trio set like you did. Thank you

    1. Fati says:

      You’re welcome. I’m glad I could help 💜

  2. Your blog is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

    1. Fati says:

      Thank you.

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