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Product Review: H.S.F Naturals PURE Moringa Oil.


H.S.F Naturals is a Nigerian skin and hair care brand founded in 2019. They offer several beauty products made from plant based key ingredients, ethically sourced from various parts of Nigeria and Africa. They celebrated their first anniversary in November last year and I got gifted their best-selling product which is PURE Moringa Oil.

The oil is extracted from Moringa seeds harvested from northern Nigeria. The seeds are cold pressed and as such retain their nutritional value while delivering goodness to your skin.

Moringa Oil has several benefits such as reducing the effects of aging, combating dandruff, restoring hair sheen and reducing inflammation from burns, bites and rashes. It is also a good carrier oil (i.e oils that help dilute the potency of essential oils).

PURE Moringa oil package

The product was delivered in brand packaging which was a brown paper bag containing a clear plastic bottle with a metal cap and a note. The plastic bottle has a hole-in-the-middle type dispenser. The label is white and contains information about the product. The oil is yellow (golden) and has a nutty fragrance.

Thoughts: the handwritten note (envelope in the pic above) was a nice touch that I appreciated. Also, I am a sucker for the clean, minimalist aesthetic and this product gave me that. However, the dispenser encourages spillage that ends up leaving my white label not so cute, I did not like that. The nutty fragrance is not overwhelming and is kinda soothing.


100% Moringa oleifera (Moringa Oil).

Directions for use

Add a few drops directly to clear skin or mix with your daily moisturizer/ hair cream for extra love.

Thoughts: I tried both methods on my skin and I prefer to use it directly after applying my moisturizer.


It is a dry oil. This means that it is non-greasy provided you are not heavy-handed.

Thoughts: I found that it applies better on damp or moisturised skin. If you are heavy-handed though you will spend a very long time massaging this into your skin and there’s just no need for that!


I was gifted this product but it is worth 3,000 naira minus delivery.

Overall thoughts

I used Pure Moringa Oil consistently for a month in my day and night time skincare routine. My skin is noticeably more supple and the oil did not clog my pores as I initially feared

This is a good choice if you are trying to incorporate oils into your routine. I preferred using this oil on it’s own instead of mixing it with my moisturizer simply because I would rather layer than mix products. In my head, I am avoiding any interaction that might reduce the potency of any actives in my product. Moringa Oil might be a carrier oil but I prefer to err on the side of caution.

Another thing I love about this product is its versatility. You can use it on your hair. I did not do this consistently because I have oil blends for my hair and I didn’t want to take away from my skin lol. It will be a good addition to your hair care routine however, I don’t think that it is strong enough to be used on its own as a sealant.

An added bonus is that a little goes a long way so there’s really no need to be heavy handed and a 50ml bottle will last a while (if you are not using the same bottle for your hair).

Will I recommend this product? Yes

Will I re-purchase? I didn’t buy the first one but yes, I think it is worth it.

H.S.F Naturals is a Nigerian skin and hair care brand founded in 2019. They offer handmade beauty essentials using natural and/or plant based key ingredients, ethically sourced from various parts of Nigeria and Africa for their quality and effectiveness.


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