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Product Review: 786 nail polish and soy nail polish remover


Hi beauties,

I am back with another product review. This time we are looking at a halal nail polish and soy-based nail polish remover from a brand called 786 cosmetics. I was super excited to discover the brand which offers halal nail polishes and I decided to purchase from @234collections on instagram and try out a few colours.

Also, there is a difference between breatheable and halal nail polish as I found out yesterday from @tuesdayinlove (another halal nail polish brand). They have a paper towel illustration on their page that shows the difference and it was very informative.

Breatheable nail polishes became popular a few years ago. I remember Inglot cosmetics being the first company I heard of that offered this product and getting your hands on them in Nigeria at the time was something else. Especially if you did not live in Lagos or Abuja and of course online shopping was not as rampant as it is now. But I digress, lets get into the review…

What I got

I got the nail polish in two colours “Abu dhabi” (white) and “Cairo” (bronze?brownish?). Also I purchased the soy nail polish remover. I bought these two colors because I love white pedicures they just look so elegant and the shiny specks in “cairo” called to a part of my heart that loves glitters and shine.



The bottles were in black brand packaging that had a beautiful henna pattern. The bottles are clear with black covers and the product name written underneath.

Thoughts – The henna pattern is pretty and right away you know that it is something for beautifying your hands. I also liked how the colours are named after cities. You can literally have the world at your finger tips. Love it!

Nail polish

It is stated on the package that the product is vegan, cruelty free, wudu friendly and halal. It contains 12ml of product.

Thoughts – One thing that stood out for me with these nail polishes is the fact that they do not have that really strong smell most nail polishes have. You know the smell, you’re probably nodding your head in agreement. Also, it has a light (not runny) texture and dried really slow. I loved the colour pay off, it was alot when you consider the texture.

Directions for use

From the website – You can apply two coats of color OR one coat of colour and one layer of top coat. Rub the water into the nail polish for about 20-30 seconds to ensure water permeability (during ablution).

Thoughts – Now before you come for me for not buying everything, understand that I only wear the nail polish for 5 days maximum. So i didn’t get the top coat. However, if you want to wear it for longer periods of time then definitely try adding the top coat. I just stick to the colour I have chosen and I love that it does not chip until I take it off.

Soy nail polish remover

Nail polish remover

This product is a soy-based nail polish remover with almond essential oil. It is designed to gently remove nail polish and promote healthy moisturised nails. It does not contain acetone or harsh acetates that’ll damage nails, cuticles and dry out skin. Also, it is non-flammable, eco-friendly and non-toxic.


Thoughts– It does not have that “chemical” smell mostly in my opinion because it does not contain acetone. It removes all traces of the nail polish and the oil really does moisturise your nails. Also, a little goes a long way so do not be heavy handed.

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Nail polish – 3,500 naira each, Nail polish remover – 3,800 Naira, delivery fee 2,500 naira.

Overall thoughts

I love the colour pay off of the polishes, they don’t chip even when I don’t apply a top coat. An added plus is that none of the products have strong chemical smells, I really appreciated that.

Will I repurchase? Yes I will. I’m thinking of getting a yellow colour next if they have it.

Pro tip: The brand has several beautiful colours and you can start a collection instead of just purchasing everything at once.



Have you tried any breatheable nail polish before? What’s your favourite brand?

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