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Product layering: what, why and how.

Product Layering

Product layering is nothing new but in my previous post, I mentioned it in passing and got asked about it so here’s a quick post on what it is, why it is done, how to do it and when to do it. Let’s get into it, class is in session!

What is product layering and why should you do it?

It is the process of applying your skincare using a system that ensures that you get the maximum benefits of all ingredients in your routine. The way you apply your skincare products matter because applying them in the wrong order could lead to your products not penetrating therefore being less effective. It could also cause harm to your skin.

How to layer your products

There are several ways to layer products and you can use more than one method as a guide. They include;

Thinnest to thickest: this requires you to apply your products based on consistency. Start with thin, watery products like toners, serums, essences. Follow up with thicker products like moisturizer, oils and sunscreen.

Use water-based products before oil-based products: this allows the water-based product to penetrate into the skin. If you apply the oil-based products before the water-based products, you won’t get the benefits of that product. It’ll just sit there and cause trouble.

Lowest to highest pH: know the pH levels of the actives you are using and apply acidic products before the neutral ones. Also, if you are using several actives with a gap in the pH levels (1.0 – 2.0), I suggest that you use them at different times of day (use some in AM and some in the PM).

When to layer your products

Always! Product layering applies for your morning and night routine. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that the process is quite therapeutic.

Remember, skincare should be fun, not overwhelming.



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