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Product empties + review

Product empties

Hi beauties,

It is the middle of the year and I have some product empties that I want to share with you. I have added a little review for each product. Also, I used more than the products pictured but most of them are either not yet empty or I gave them away mid-use. I would be more diligent about saving the empties especially for face products in the next half of the year.

Body products

Product Empties
Body products – empties

These are the products I’ve used on my body from January to June 2019. Looking at the empty containers has me thinking “this is kind of a lot!”. I have used some body butters from The body shopand the Neutrogena moisture wrap daily repair lotion.

The Body Shop: Body butters

The body shop body butters - empties
TBS body butter – empties

The body shop body butters: I loved every moment of using these body butters. The hydration, the glow, the consistency, everything. Also, it helped that I used it during the harmattan season, no dryness!. An added plus is that the body shop is a cruelty-free brand which means that they do not test on animals. My favorite is the British rose body butter.

British rose body butter: I find myself repurchasing from this line. The fragrance is subtle, flowery and calming. The butter itself is pale pink in color with a thick, non-greasy consistency. It claims to keep the body moisturized for 24 hours and does just that. This body butter works for normal to dry skin.

Satsuma body butter: I tried the Satsuma body butter when I couldn’t get the British rose one from my TBS plug. She recommended it and I was not disappointed. It has a strong citrusy scent which was nice but a bit more overpowering than the British rose. The butter is pale orange in color. It also gives 24 hours moisturization and works for normal to dry skin.

I went back to my favourite (the British rose) immediately it became available. This is why you can see two tubs of it on the picture above. Both lines made my body feel smoother and look more supple and I would definitely repurchase.

Price: Each tub costs 8,500 naira and I got it from @thebodyshopnig on Instagram (she’s my plug). Her customer service is top-notch and she can recommend the body shop products for your skin concerns. Delivery to Kano cost 2,000 naira so that is 10,500 naira for each order.

Neutrogena moisture wrap daily repair lotion

Neutrogena moisture wrap - empties
Neutrogena moisture wrap lotion – empties

I decided to give the Neutrogena moisture wrap lotion a try after reading “The smart money woman” by Arese Ugwu. That book showed me that I was doing the most (ahem!) in the body product department. So, I decided to find a less expensive glow alternative. This product kept coming up during my research and I purchased it. The lotion is lightweight, super hydrating and absorbs really quickly into the skin. Seriously, if you waste time while applying it on your skin, it will just disappear.

It is almost as if your skin is dry, thirsty land and the lotion is some much-needed rainwater. The lotion is not greasy, at all!. It has a light fragrance and I enjoyed using it. Also, I feel that it is an affordable alternative for the body shop body butter. It maintained the glow, so yay!

Price: The range is between 4,000 naira 6,300 naira depending on where you’re purchasing it from. This is one thing I don’t like about the product though. The pricing keeps fluctuating and that means if you’re not careful you might get a fake. This is not the brand’s fault but it is a serious concern. The body shop products don’t have this problem. I wonder what the smart money woman would do at a time like this.

Face products

Face products - empties
Face products – empties

These are some of the products I have used on my face. They include the pink grapefruit moisturizer, the beauty formulas replenishing facial tonic and the beauty formulas tea tree skin clarifying blemish gel.

Pink grapefruit empty
pink grapefruit moisturizer – empty

I already have a review for the neutrogena pink grapefruit moisturizer here so check it out.

The beauty formulas replenishing facial tonic

BF refreshing facial tonic – empty

It is a refreshing toner which I honestly didn’t think was doing much for my skin. That was until I finished the bottle and decided not to repurchase. I noticed that my skin was getting duller, which is never a good look. Therefore, I repurchased and we’ve been living happily ever after. the price ranges from I got it for 1,200 1,500 naira depending on where you purchase.

The beauty formulas skin clarifying blemish gel

BF blemish gel empty
BF blemish gel – empty

I purchased this because I popped two period-pimples on my left cheek and it left spots behind. Let me just say that this did nothing for me. The spots left when they were good and ready to leave my face. In my opinion. this was a waste of money especially if you’re trying to treat some serious blemishes. I will not be repurchasing this product but I got it at Shoprite for 800 naira.

If there’s a product you would love me to review please let me know in the comments.



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    Is there anything for men

    1. Fati says:

      Definitely, but these are products I used on myself.

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