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Eid-el-Fitr was on Tuesday, June 4th, 2019. I prayed at the mosque, celebrated with family and visited a lot of friends. It’s also a requirement to get glammed up for days after the event and I did. Here’s my eid style in pictures.

Day 1: mosque + no serious glam

No glam, on Tuesday I sent out Eid text messages, called family and friends. I just dressed to go to the mosque for prayers, came back home, ate and I slept. That was all for day 1. Here’s a picture with my little brother when we were leaving for the mosque. I was his hype woman which was very easy to do, just look at the drip…

My bro and i

Day 2: White and black

I was ready for day 2. Glam, outfit and all. The sun was in my corner, face work was on point. Everything was just great. We visited our cousins after the photoshoot.

boss pose
Slay queen pose
walking to nowhere pose

So while we were taking pictures on the street (because I need content), this guy asked to join in the fun and I said okay. He was pleasantly shocked about my response and we had a mini photoshoot sesh with him. I’ll share more of the pics on IG. but here’s one of Isaac the Keke napep guy.

isaac and i
couldn’t believe the Isaac thing

Eid day 3 – Glam

Day 3’s outfit was quite glam but it rained all day and the weather was just so moody. No sun to really give y’all the full natural light appreciation (why you do me dis sun?). Anyway, I managed but you can tell that it was just blah. lol… While I was working my angles at my roadside photoshoot some friends I haven’t seen in a while came to pass and stopped to say Hi. I bet they left thinking it’s never that serious to be on the street taking pictures. I would’ve thought the same if the roles were reversed. Seeing them was cool and awkward at the same time. All this is to tell y’all how hard I worked to get these pictures.

tea kettle pose- my fave pose
I never know what to do with my hands
I did something with my hands pose

Snapchat filter gave me a baby girl look and I loved it. So I’m posting it here. My snapchat handle is Fati_alkali follow if you want to see more animal-human hybrid and fake flower filters on me.

snapchat filter

All in all Eid was great. I enjoyed it and I look forward to the next one in a few weeks. That’s the one with meat for my non-muslim readers.

P.s – I did my makeup myself. Not bad for a learner huh? I think i’m going to become a makeup artist as a side hustle.



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  1. Nelly says:

    Hey am here again looking for updates πŸ˜‰ look beautiful in all them photos, my personal fav is the tea kettle pose makes you look like one of them red carpet model…have fun fati and i am looking forward to more updates

    1. Fati says:

      thank you. please share on your platforms.

      1. Nelly says:

        Done βœ…

  2. Mohammed Hamza says:


    1. Fati says:

      beauty and lifestyle on the regular degular πŸ™‚

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