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Life Lately: Where is Fati? and other concerns.

Hey you,

Yes, you with the cute face. lol. Did that read as sleazy as it sounded in my head? I bet it did. Anyway, I’m typing without edits here bear with me. One could even be excused to say these are unfiltered thoughts from my brain to your phone, tablet or whatever gadget you’re using to access this blog. Let’s get into my life lately.

Life lately

So some of you have noticed that I’ve been missing in action on this platform and you reached out. To be honest, it is cool to be missed and you have my assurance that I am okay. I didn’t think anyone but immediate family and friends read this here blog but like Jon snow “I know nothing”. I’ll just like to say thanks to those that reached out. I thought I’d have like 20 posts up before writing something like this but again, here we are. Now on to my excuses reasons for being MIA…

Earlier this month, I lost an Aunt and it was a serious hit to the family. You know that one Aunty that lives in the same state as your family so whenever you’re visiting family within the state then it’s her house? Well, we lost that Aunt. I can’t remember family Eid outings growing up that didn’t include going to her house or our cousins coming over, graduations etc. She is missed and we are praying that her soul rests in peace.

Also, It is Ramadan – the 9th month in the Islamic lunar calendar and as a Muslim. I fast for the whole month (except when its that time of the month). I’ve been trying to be more mindful about my worship. Ramadan is usually the time I take to reflect, seek more understanding of my faith and get closer to God. I have been doing a lot of that and I am very happy with my progress. Ramadan for me is a time to seek forgiveness, clarity and get a clean slate of sorts. Spiritual mindfulness is important people!.

To show my commitment to the cause, I took a whole month’s leave from work (if you know me then this might be somewhat unfathomable, some people call me a workaholic). I traveled back home from Kano (where I work) to Kaduna to be with family. I have been pampered, loved on and all that sense of security one gets from being at home is not lacking. Honestly, I am enjoying this break while also focusing on achieving my goals.

I have done a little bit of traveling, nothing exotic just a little change of scenery to refresh my mind. Mostly, I visited friends, went to see my goddaughter whom I haven’t seen physically since she was like a month old (she’s over 1 year now and getting smarter and prettier by the day).

In addition, I am using this time to decide on several life-changing issues that I might discuss on here. It is a time of reflection in my life, a little dramatic but true. I am thinking about traveling to see the grandparental unit in Niger state before resuming work next month. Your girl is maintaining those ties of kinship.

On beauty blogger related news, I’m trying out a few products which I will be reviewing next month. So expect more content. There are so many new discoveries I want to share with you guys.

Finally, I am sure having planned posts go up when I’m on a break such as this one would be more effective than typing up a long post which really just boils down to excuses. I’ll plan better next time. Thanks for caring.

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  1. Nelly says:

    Nice one fati took my time to read this twice…am an erring supporter so i look forward to all your updates

    1. Fati says:

      Thank you very much for your support. IG fam!

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