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Kandy Konfidential by Bath Kandy: First Impression

Hi beauties,

Let me just start by saying that I haven’t been this excited about a brand in a while. My love for subscription boxes is out of this world and the Kandy Konfidential box just delivers. This is one box you should definitely have on your radar.

The Kandy Konfidential by Bath Kandy is a monthly beauty subscription box that allows you to treat yourself with the decadent wonders enclosed within. Curated by the CEO of Bath Kandy herself, the box has a theme for each month. No two boxes are alike and you can tell that each product was made by a creative person that enjoys what she does.

Yesterday, I received the July box I ordered, the theme for this month is “American Classics: The dessert edition”. If I had to describe the box in two words, I would use fun and yummy.

Kandy Konfidential: Packaging

The box itself gives away the ‘Kandy Konfidential’ theme of the month as it is covered with pictures of several treats. The box smelled so amazingly chocolatey that I wondered what was in it. Upon opening the box, the cover read “Stressed is desserts spelled backward. Go ahead, de-stress… and indulge”. There was a note and I‘ll share an excerpt;

Hi Sweetie,

Finally, I get to show y’all just how much of a foodie I am! Yesss I made a collection of some of my alltime favorite desserts… with an exception… I’m absolutely obsessed with cheese!


Blondie xoxo

The note adds a personal touch to the box which I loved. It also has a paper that tells you how to use each product.

What’s in the box?

whats in the Kandy konfidential box
5 products and Chocolates for my enjoyment

The Kandy Konfidential box contained four (4) products and two chocolate bars for my enjoyment. There was another box which contained the fifth product. So all in all, I got five (5) amazing products and chocolate. Win! I found out why the box smelled amazing though. It turned out that my body butter didn’t survive the journey and melted in the box. The products in the package include;

1. The cookies n’ cream body butter

Kandy Konfidential body butter
Cookies n’ Cream body butter

Unfortunately, mine melted and poured in the box, I think the journey from Lagos to Kano was too long for it. However, being the sharp girl that I am, I was able to salvage some and put it back in the jar. Also, nothing happened to the “chunks of cookies”. Guess what I used on my body after bathing today… the body butter I could rescue from the package. I smelled amazing if I do say so myself and couldn’t stop sniffing myself at work. Still taking breaks to sniff myself as I type because I smell goood. The only direction for use for this product is “slather all over your body and relax.”

2. The mac n’ cheese soap

Kandy Confidential box soap
Mac n’ Cheese soap

No, it does not smell like cheese but I have a feeling that Blondie (that’s the CEO’s name) had to hold herself back from making that happen. It looks like mac n’ cheese, smells fruity and I cannot wait to try it out. The direction for use is to run your sponge/brush over it to work up a lather.

3. The Kool aid hair gel

hair gel
Kool aid hair gel

I cannot wait to try this pink beauty out. There’s an assurance that the amount of cool-aid in this is not enough to have ants living in your hair. The only direction is ” its real hair gel… you know what to do”. I sure do… hide it from my sister!

4. The berry medley pie wax tart

Kandy konfidential wax tart
Berry medley pie wax tart

I wish you could see the details on this thing. This photo isn’t doing it justice and I’m not ready to just open it yet. It is a wickless candle. According to the directions, you can take it out of the casing and it will scent up your room. Cut it up in pieces and place in an oil warmer or keep it in your car cup holder to scent up your car. This is the product that can do the most and I love it!

5. Monster shake candle

Kandy konfidential Monster shake candle
Monster shake candle

The instruction says “too yummy to burn” and I agree. Look at the details! I am okay with opening the box it came in and sniffing it when needed. This won’t be lit anytime soon.

Kandy Konfidential: Price

The Kandy Konfidential box itself costs 8,000 Naira and if you live in Lagos that’s all you have to pay. For those that live in other states, you will pay 2,000 Naira for delivery to your doorstep. So that is 10,000 Naira in total. You can either choose to subscribe monthly and the money gets deducted from your account (with notification of course) or make a one-off purchase. No pressure.

How to order

You have to place your order on or before the last day of the month on the Bath Kandy Instagram page or their website. After placing your order, sit back, relax and wait for your package to arrive on the 15th of the next month. The Company’s information is at the end of this post.

Overall thoughts

Oh my God! oh my God!! I know I sound like a broken record but oh my God!!! This subscription box is amazing. The products are well thought out and on point with the theme chosen. I feel like submitting a theme for consideration e.g. Harry Potter, Moana or Game of Thrones… can you imagine the awesomeness? The execution was flawless and you can tell that the curator enjoyed putting this together.

My sister was with me when I unboxed this package and she kept asking me if I was sure that none of the products were edible. The smell of the products especially the body butter had her salivating and she couldnt believe that this brand is nigerian. She kept saying wow, wow, wow like a siren ( I told her I was going to cast her on here and I have).

I think that one gets value for their money with this box. An added bonus is having unique and functional products that will have you feeling like the bougie rich aunty that always has the coolest stuff.

Will I repurchase a Kandy Konfidential box? umm Yes! I love surprises and receiving this package in the middle of the month would be something to look forward to. A gift from past me to future me saying “you’re doing amazing sweetie”. If you didn’t know that I am kind of a geek, now you do.



Is this the first time you’re hearing/reading about bathKandy? does this box sound like something you’d love to try?

Bathkandy is an environmentally friendly, skin-loving, beauty preserving, artisan bath, and body company. they make handcrafted food-inspired bath and body products with natural ingredients sourced within Africa and beyond.

Instagram @bathkandy


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