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Issa & Dose foundation and powder review

Hi beauties,

Today I am going to be reviewing some products from the Nigerian cosmetics brand Issa & Dose. I saw this brand for the first time on my explore page on Instagram. It is one of those things that I kept seeing until I gave in and just decided to try it out for myself. Call it FOMO (fear of missing out) or whatever but I was intrigued enough to purchase some of their products.

What I got

Issa & Dose powder and foundation
Issa & Dose powder and foundation

I chose to try two face products;

  • Oil-control foundation and
  • Mattifying compact powder


Issa & Dose Package
Packaging… excuse the rose water mist I got them on the same day.

The brand design is clean and simple, the package is white with red graphics. When you bring the product out of its pack, the gold product packaging looks like affordable luxury. The only issue I have with it is how my fingerprint stays on the compact. It can be wiped off pretty easily though but I like pristine crispiness. Or you know I could just clean my hands…

gold packaging
Issa & Dose gold packaging


Issa & Dose Foundation

I got the medium-coverage foundation in the shade “Honey”. On the bottle it says “water-proof” and matte.


I tried this with and without primer. It moved around a lot without a primer and it didn’t last long. Since most people use a primer anyway with their foundation, this isn’t a major problem. Just be guided if you’re not a primer person. With primer, the foundation was okay but doesn’t really stay matte for long.


Issa & Dose powder
Issa & Dose powder – caramel

I got this in the shade “Caramel”. a shade lighter than the foundation.


I used this with the foundation and on its own. It works okay with the foundation. However, on its own, it seems to just sit on the face when you first apply. It looks better as the day goes on though and gives a dewy glow. To achieve this when you first apply I’ll advise that you use a setting spray after application. It will help you to achieve a dewy look.

Directions for use

The directions for use are written on the pack and it’s pretty straight forward. For the foundation, it says” Apply evenly to face, shake well before use”. For the powder, It doesn’t say anything on the pack but you know to apply evenly.


I took a picture of the package as usual…


Foundation ingredients
product ingredients


powder ingredients
powder ingredients


The foundation and powder cost 2000 Naira each.

Where to purchase

To purchase, You can order online via DMs on their Instagram page @issaanddosecosmetics and they’ll ship to your location. Also, if you are in Kano state you can get it from @arewa_obirin’s shop – this is one of the trusted places where you can get genuine Nigerian cosmetics. They also ship to other states.

Final thoughts

The brand has the right idea with their affordable cosmetics for women of color. However, it didn’t work for me and I tried so much to like it. I don’t like applying a product and not knowing whether it’ll be a hit or a miss. The foundation moves like it ain’t nobody’s business and settled into fine lines I never knew I had ( it was not a good look) when I used it without a primer. The powder is good but I hit pan way faster than I expected and this was while using a powder brush. There’s a lot of tweaking to achieve a look with these products that I don’t enjoy. What baffles me is that all the other people I’ve seen using it on Instagram look amazing and do not seem to have a problem with this brand. Maybe it’s me.

Will I repurchase? honestly, I don’t think I will anytime soon. I’ll try other products from the brand though and let you know my thoughts.



Have you tried any Issa & Dose products? Please share your experience in the comments section.

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