Ingredient Spotlight: Caffeine

Thél Arabica coffee face mask

Caffeine is an ingredient found in most skincare products and you might have come across it in your own stash. If you have come across it and wondered “what does it really do for my skin?” Then this is the post for you. Lets get into it shall we?..

What does caffeine do for your skin?

Caffeine is a great antioxidant that does a bunch of amazing things ranging from reducing inflammation, fading stretch marks, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and cellulites! It is also great for dark circles and eye bags because it decreases puffiness. How fantastic is that?!

You can find it in body creams, eye creams, body scrubs and so many other skincare products. Honestly, if you don’t have any caffeine in your routine, what are you waiting for? With the many benefits of caffeine, don’t restrict yourself to just drinking it smear yourself with it!

Let’s talk about the CONS of this ingredient…

Unfortunately, research into caffeine’s effects are mixed. It has all these amazing benefits, but ingesting a high percentage of it can cause caffeine toxicity. However, the lower amounts (less than 1%) used in skincare doesn’t present much, if any risk.

Do you want to add caffeine to your regimen?

If you want to try out this ingredient, here is a list of a few products that have caffeine in them.

Body scrubs
  • Frank Body original coffee scrub
  • BeanBody coffee scrub
  • Narganics Cinnamon Mocha Latte (Nigerian Brand)
Eye cream/Serum
  • The Ordinary caffeine solution 5% +EGCG
  • 100% pure coffee Bean Eye Cream
  • The Inkey List caffeine eye cream
Body mask
  • Lush cup o’ Coffee face & body mask
  • Caudalie Instant detox face mask
  • Thél Skincare Arabica coffee face mask
Body cream
  • Brazillian Bum Bum Skin tightening Body Cream – Sol Janeiro
  • The body shop Ethiopian Green Coffee cream

Personally, I enjoy this ingredient in my body products more than my face products, this is because the results I get on my face are temporary. I would highly recommend using a coffee scrub for your body I have found that it is great for stretch marks and cellulite.

What is your favourite product that has caffeine in it?

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