How to make your everyday fragrance last

How to make your fragrance last

Nothing brings to life a forgotten memory like fragrance

Christopher Poindexter

Hi beautiful,

Have you ever had a chance meeting with someone and moments after they are gone you can still smell their fragrance lingering in the air? Not those that choke you with their fragrance, heavens no. I mean the ones that leave a subtle hint behind that have you wondering “what is that fabulous smell and how is it still here?”. I am sure you’d love to be that person that leaves people wondering about their fragrance.

Most people would tell you to get an expensive perfume. However, we know that expensive is relative and how much you bought your perfume determines how often you’ll use it. Chances are you save the really pricey ones for when you want to make a statement and a lasting impression. How then do we make the everyday fragrance last?

Well, here are some tried and trusted ways that are guaranteed to make your everyday fragrance last. Also, they are easy techniques that would not break the bank.

1. Use Vaseline for water-based perfumes

Yes Vaseline, it keeps moisture locked in. Just rub a little vaseline on your wrist and spray your perfume over it. Also, You can layer with solid perfume and afterwards you spray the perfume to intensify the fragrance.

Vaseline and water-based perfume
Vaseline and water-based perfume.

2. Apply perfume to your pulse points

Pulse points! These are key places where perfumes last longer when applied. Because perfume is activated by body heat and pulse points are warm due to how close the blood pumps near the skin’s surface, it makes sense to spray perfume over them. I’ll list some pulse points and you can just pick the ones you are comfortable with to apply your perfume.

  • Behind the ears
  • Collarbone
  • Inside the elbows
  • wrists
  • behind your knees
  • ankles

3. Use oil-based perfumes

It is a known fact that oil-based perfumes last longer than water-based perfumes. You can get an oil-based version of most “designer/high-end” perfumes and most of them are relatively affordable. Just remember to apply to your body and not your clothes to avoid oil stains.

oil-based perfume
oil-based perfume.

Don’t forget to use tip 1 and 2 together. A little bonus is that you should not rub your perfume after spraying. Doing that breaks down the structure of the perfume and weakens the scent.



Did you find this post helpful? Do you have any other tips to make a fragrance to last longer? Please share in the comment section.

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    Nice article fati…now i know how to keep my perfume lasting long..

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      you are welcome and thank you for the support.

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