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Harmattan Series: Lips & Lip care


Hi beauties,

Harmattan is upon us and this is the time to take care of your lips. Great lip care is a sign of good living. There, I said it! Have you ever had a conversation with someone with chapped lips and felt the overwhelming need to just apply lip balm and save their poor lips? Never?? Maybe it’s a me thing. Anyway, chapped lips is not a good look on anyone. Here are a few tips that will separate you from those that don’t read this blog…

1. Stay hydrated

Drink water, A lot of it. If you’re like me, you’re not just thinking about drinking the water, You also think about what comes after. This includes going to the bathroom and washing up. Basically touching water in this weather. I see you, I feel your pain but honey drink that water. Also, there are people that don’t like drinking water apparently it tastes like nothing. It’s probably those art/social science students doing the most :). If you are among those few people, I suggest that you take tea, fruits, vegetables, lemon/cucumber infused water. Just get water in you and stay hydrated.

2. Apply lip balm

Lips & lip care 1

Lip balms are a must for lip care. Protect your lips at all times with moisturizing lip balms. Personally, I love lip balms from Vaseline because that’s just the OG petroleum jelly product and there are so many flavours to pick from. However, there are various brands of lip balm that a lot of people swear by, find yours. Back when MTV cribs was a thing, Lumidee showed off her collection of lip balms and glosses, 13 year old me was shooketh. We dont need a whole collection but have one in your handbag, room, car and office drawer. This is 2020, say no to chapped lips.

3. Use matte lipsticks sparingly

I know that you want to look like a goddess with natural blood red or purple lips because seriously, who doesn’t? However, I urge you to use matte lipsticks sparingly. This is mostly because some formulas are drying and the harmattan is already working against you. Switch to glossy lipsticks or mattes with a less drying formula. Goddesses can have shiny lips too. Period!

4. Exfoliate your lips

Sometimes even with all the lip protection applications, your lips still get dry and chapped. It’s not your fault sweetie, bad things happen to good people. However, don’t get caught slipping. Get a lip scrub to remove the dead skin off your lips. There are several lip scrubs in the market but I mostly just use DIY methods.

  • Back when Tyra banks had a show she did a segment where she shared that she used regular old Vaseline and an old toothbrush on her lips for exfoliation. I use this method and it leaves me with soft and beautiful lips if I do say so myself.
  • Another method is to make a sugar scrub. Mix a little sugar and olive oil or coconut oil together then use the mixture to exfoliate your lips.

In both instances the formula is the same, physical exfoliation using something kinda abrasive (old toothbrush or sugar) and a moisturizing agent (the oils & vaseline) that’ll save you from injuring yourself. These hacks are a thousand times better than biting the chapped lips off and spitting it out. That’s just gross and what do you think you look like chewing yourself? Let’s all be guided please.

5. Invest in your lips

Lips & lip care

In the beauty industry, there is a mask for everything from hair to feet. Lip masks help to moisturize, plump and/or reduce fine lines. With so many to choose from you can just pick one that addresses your problem (hint: moisture is everything). Lip masks that have humectants in them can help keep your lips hydrated. However, some people might find the prices too high to invest in a product like this so there’s an option. A DIY method I use is to apply a little honey on my lips overnight. You can try this hack just try not to lick it off before you sleep 🙂

Finally, I’d like to leave you with a visual that should motivate you to take care of your lips. Imagine if when prince charming came to wake sleeping beauty she had chapped lips. The entire kingdom would still be sleeping and I would not blame the guy.



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  1. Amira says:

    You are so funny 😂 and I found this helpful.

    1. Fati says:

      Thank you.I am glad you found it helpful.

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