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Glambox Nigeria: Beauty box review

So you know how Korean skincare is being touted to be the best in the world? How about the latest and in my opinion valid obsession with sheet masks? Well, I will be reviewing a beauty box service I discovered recently on Instagram. They get really awesome skincare packages to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria. So cool!

A picture of glambox Nigeria beauty box

Glambox Nigeria is a service that provides a personalized beauty box containing products that target your skin needs to your doorstep. It is not a subscription box so you do not have to purchase every month. However, you can purchase any box at any time as needed. Their beauty boxes come in three categories,

  • The acne and cleansing beauty box.
  • The collagen repair and anti-aging beauty box
  • The skin toning and evening beauty box. Each box contains five (5) products.

Customer Service, Packaging and Delivery

The categories are pretty straight forward, all you have to do is choose one beauty box based on what your skin needs. I opted for the collagen repair and anti-aging beauty box. It came in a pink box with black bows. The box was so cute! I love pretty packaging and this one was very pretty. An added plus is that the box can be reused as a storage box (this is always a good thing). The delivery was free as stated on their page, I got mine three (3) days after placing the order. Their customer service was top notch, I spoke to a polite agent that answered all the questions I had (and I had a lot!).

a picture of items received in the glambox Nigeria beauty box + free gift.
Collagen repair and anti-aging package

Cost and Content

The box cost 10,000 NGN and contained five (5) sheet masks as pictured above. They added the aloe soothing gel as a bonus for being the first ever customer from kano state (yay free stuff!). It was a really unexpected gesture that was appreciated especially since I had just ran out of my aloe gel. The product picks are really nice and would work well for someone that wants to try sheet masks and new products for the first time or even as a gift to a skincare enthusiast.


The one thing I wish they would add is a little booklet telling you what is in the box, the ingredients in each product and a direction for use in English (I was sent a direction for use through WhatsApp). I made do without any of this though I just feel it would make receiving the package even more exciting.


I am giving glambox Nigeria 4 out of 5 stars because I found it quite affordable when you look at the quality of products in the box. Also, their free delivery policy is cool. I hate paying for delivery and I know I am not alone on this one because I feel like that money spent on delivery could get me another product lol. We love a brand that is quick to respond to questions and this brand did not disappoint. They would have gotten a 5 if only the box came with a booklet. I would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to give them a try or get it for someone as a gift.

You can find them on Instagram @glamboxnigeria or their website

Is this something you would love to try?? Have you tried other services like this in Nigeria? Please let me know in the comment section.



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  1. SANDRA says:

    Like the idea of targeted skincare concerns category. Makes it easier for skincare newbies. Well done Glambox

    1. It really does help newbies and is an easy option for when you don’t want to go through the hassle of research.

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