Decluttering my Space.

Decluttering is something that should be done at least twice in a year. I am in no way marie condo as I have so many things that bring me joy and am not ready to part with. However, being at home due to the current pandemic situation in the world has opened my eyes to the amount of crap stuff I have just laying around. It is definitely not much by some people’s standard and too much for some. So, I decided to clear out my space and am sharing this with you.

When your room is uncluttered you have no choice but to examine your inner state

Marie Condo

Decluttering my dresser

I started with my dresser where my beauty products and jewelry trinkets are displayed. My choices were keep, throw out and donate. This was the formula that worked for me…

  • If it is empty – throw out (but type a review first…)😁
  • Expired? – throw out
  • If it is opened and I haven’t used it in the last 3 months – throw out.
  • Hasn’t been used in the last 3 months but is a seasonal product eg shea butter – keep
  • If I don’t like it anymore but it can still be used – donate or gift to someone.
  • If it has changed colour or smell- throw out .

I threw alot of skincare/makeup products and empties out.

Then I moved to my jewelry. Now when I say jewelry I do not mean gold and diamonds, let’s be real. Those are valuable also I don’t have any so… For my trinkets, I used the following process to declutter;

  • If it has stopped looking good – throw out
  • Haven’t used it in a while and it’s still in good condition – donate
  • It has sentimental value and still looks good – keep
  • If It has sentimental value and I don’t use it – take a picture and donate.

I donated/gifted alot of trinkets.

Decluttering my closet

This was easier than I thought it’ll be except for my veils, I hoard those with pride. I used pretty much the same formula.

  • If it isn’t an occasional attire: think elaborate gown – Donate
  • Haven’t worn it in a year? – Donate
  • If It cannot be repeated (think wedding asoebi) – Donate.

I didn’t have much to throw out or donate in this category because I am constantly giving out clothes.

If you want to declutter your space but don’t know how or where to start from because you have alot you might want to try this challenge… let me know how it goes.




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