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Body Moisturizers: Empties + Reviews

Body moisturizers

Body moisturizers and body care in general are a necessary part of skincare. This part also devours my coinzzz! It doesn’t help that I get bored of body products real quick and am constantly in search for something new. I decluttered my space recently, you can read all about that here. Unsurprisingly, I had a lot of empties that I have been hoarding to review. These are products that I have used during the course of the year. A common theme you would notice with these products is that they promise moisture. I have normal/combination skin but I love the healthy look my skin gets with moisturizing goodness.

Note: most of these products might work really well for you if you have dry skin.

AMBI soft and even creamy oil lotion (354 ml).

AMBI soft and even creamy oil lotion

This lotion contains olive oil and shea butter and I know the usual fear with these ingredients is “they’ll make me darker”. I did not experience any of that with this lotion. However, I would advise that you use this during the drier months (harmattan) when the skin needs that extra protection. The product claims to “relieve dry skin instantly and help lock in moisture for 24 hours”. I agree with this, it also absorbs really fast into the skin. It has a light fragrance that is not overwhelming. I would totally repurchase this lotion! Price: 4000 naira

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion (532 ml).

Aveeno body lotion

This lotion contains oats (Avena sativa), a key ingredient for all products made by the company hence their name “Aveeno“. It also contains 1.2% dimethicone which is a very good skin protectant and the main reason why I purchased this lotion. The product claims to “protect chafed, chapped, or cracked skin and the drying effects of wind and cold”. I enjoyed using this because it was non-greasy and I genuinely felt that my skin was being protected against the elements. Now, this product does NOT lighten, brighten or tone your skin. However, the moisturization and resulting health of your skin can have you feeling like something has changed. It is fragrance free but I could swear that it has a uniquely light smell. I would definitely repurchase this and would highly recommend it if you want healthy skin without too much hassle. Price: 7000 naira

Olay quench Daily Hydration with Almond Milk (600 ml).

This lotion smells amazing!!!!! It claims to “go beyond moisturization to relieve dryness for a noticeable smooth skin”. The ingredient list includes Niacinamide – which protects the skin, boost hydration and a host of other things you can find here. This helped when I was making the decision to buy this lotion. Also the fact that underneath the “quench” there are three droplets of what I assume is water while others had either one or two made me pick this one. I enjoyed using this product and I noticed some brightness to my complexion. This could be either due to the lotion or the fact that I used it when we were on lockdown meaning little sun exposure. If you are sensitive to fragrance though this lotion might not be for you but I can definitely see myself repurchasing it. Price: 3,500 naira

Neutrogena Intense Repair Lotion (400 ml).

Neutrogena intense repair body lotion

I have used this product several times, I tend to go back to products that have worked for me in the past when I don’t know what to get. Until this moment that I am writing this post, I honestly thought that I got the same product as before. However, this one is “intense repair” while the other one was “moisture wrap” you can read my review here. I honestly thought that I was using the same lotion and did not notice any difference from the previous one. Before you ask why I didn’t stick to it, I get tired of fragrance and sometimes texture with body care products. This is also why I have like three different soaps that I switch between in the bathroom but that is a whole post for another day. Price: 5,000 naira (the price fluctuates which is my main problem with buying this product).

Palmer’s Raw Shea Body Lotion (400 ml).

Palmer's Raw Shea Body Lotion

You already know the popular palmer’s cocoa butter, alot of people swear by it but I have always wanted to try this one. It contains natural shea butter and marula. No parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten, sulfates or dyes. It also contains oat extracts. The product claims to “improve skin elasticity to give a radiant glow, balance tone and texture while soothing and calming irritations”. With all the ingredients in this products and the amount of things excluded I honestly expected more and I was disappointed. It just was not giving me enough moisture and protection. I ended up looking ashy and needing to reapply the product a few hours after application. For a product that claims to give 24 hour moisture, I did not get that. Another turn off for me was the fragrance it was not bad, just overwhelming. I will not be repurchasing this product. Price: 2,750 naira

Vaseline Intensive Care: Aloe soothe (200 ml).

Vaseline intensive care lotion

Do you have that one lotion that you use to get your body back to “factory settings”? Please say you do so that I don’t feel like a weird person. Anyway, my go-to is any Vaseline intensive care lotion. I love how soothing and non-greasy their lotions are, the light fragrance is also a plus. Price: 500 naira

Bath Kandy Activated Charcoal Body butter.

Bath kandy activated charcoal body butter

I used this last year I think but it turned out that I haven’t thrown out the tub. You can read my review of this body butter here.

Which of this products have you used before? Let me know in the comments.



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