5 inexpensive ways to get clearer skin

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I am sure you are tired of hearing the “drink a lot of water” advice to get clearer skin. However, staying hydrated is a major key in skin care and you really see the changes in your skin when you’re not too busy having to pee. Here are a few tips that will help you get clearer skin without breaking the bank. Grab a bottle of water and enjoy!

5 inexpensive ways to get clearer skin

1. Always wash your hands.

“Clean hands save lives” and they save your skin too. Always wash your hands before applying skincare or makeup products. This is very important and a part of good hygiene, make it a part of your life. Also, you could use hand sanitizers to help with germs because alcohol works well in the killing of germs. But I find nothing beats good old soap and water to get rid of greasy dirt.

2. Clean your phone screen.

single-use alcohol swabs and phone

Do you know how many germs are chilling on your phone screen? like 5,000,000 mummy and baby germs (that’s probably an exaggeration) but they are much. Our phones touch our faces, more than anything. I clean my phone screen with single-use alcohol swabs. Tech gurus might argue with this one because it is probably not good for the screen ( at least that’s true for Cameras). However, I have a protective screen guard on my phone screen and I just go for it. (if you haven’t noticed that’s a disclaimer lol).

3. Stop touching your face!

I know that it is your face and you can do whatever you want with it but I am telling you honey stop touching your face. This includes popping pimples, touching your face when you’re bored etc. if you absolutely have to then refer to the first point ‘Always wash your hands’ and while we are on the topic do NOT let anyone touch your face unless they are a professional. There is a video of Kim Kardashian-West taking Winnie Harlow’s hands away from her face on Queen radio. Google it, live it and become one with it because that is the type of energy I need from you in 2019. Let’s all keep our hands to ourselves.

4. Know your actives/ingredients

Always read the ingredients

Always read the ingredients in your skincare products. This is especially important if you are using different products in your skincare regimen and/or chemical exfoliants. This would help you to figure out what is causing a particular skincare problem e.g breakouts, hyperpigmentation, uneven texture e.t.c.

5. Diet


Some people breakout after eating certain foods like nuts and dairy. If this is you, I’m not saying you should stop eating these things because let’s be honest food is life! just eat that thing in moderation. Also, try to identify what foods make your skin to break out and get a substitute. Also, if you are preparing for an event where you need to slay and glow like the goddess that you are, then avoid these foods entirely. Take no chances with the glow queen!.



You read that right. I said, nothing! sometimes after all of these, you still get some pimples with nefarious intentions (i really wanted to use the word nefarious) and there’s nothing you can do about them. They could be hormonal ( eg during periods or ovulation) and in that case, I just refer back to the ‘don’t touch your face‘ rule.



*** Please note that I am not a dermatologist or an esthetician and I am only writing based on what I have noticed with my own skin and that of people around me***

With that snazzy disclaimer outta the way, how do you keep your skin pimple free? Let’s chat in the comment section.

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