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10 things you should expect when you start going to the gym.

Hi beauties,

I wanted to share the 10 things you should expect when you start going to the gym. They are understated but necessary things to know before or even after you’ve subscribed to that gym membership. At least I think so…

10 things to expect when you start going to the gym

1. Your toe nails might break…. 

I Know! This is not glamorous but it happens and I learned this the hard way when my nails started breaking. It was not even from the tip, it was from the middle and I was like “what is this? What is happening?”. For a while, wearing open-toe shoes was nerve-wracking because my toe nails looked awful. It was a struggle to get it back to normal. However, I found out that my socks were too light and my shoes too tight (even though it didn’t feel that way on my feet). Please do not make the same mistake I did. Wear thick socks and also no tight shoes.

2. Your body will be sore… 

This goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway. For the first two weeks, my body hurt all over. I was in pain and even my eyelashes hurt – I’m not exaggerating (much).  I smelled like menthol from the ‘Robb’ and ‘Aboniki’ balm combination I used. Also, I walked like a toddler that wasn’t excited about starting to walk for a while. So have pain relieving balms, some paracetamol on hand and if you have a masseuse, even better.

3. You will sweat…

Therefore, you need several sets of gym clothes because hygiene. Hear me out on this one, I’m not asking you to buy an entire closet of gym clothes but you’ll need a few sets (more than 2).  This is because you’ll be too tired to do laundry everyday- or have someone do it- and repeating sweaty clothes is just nasty. Also, depending on the type of gym you attend, a girl needs to look good. Some gyms are all about the sweats with ratty old tees and tired leggings. That should not be you honey! Show off and show out. You’re working on this great body might as well start getting comfortable with it. Also, you get tired of the routine of always wearing the same old thing everyday so just have fun with your outfits.

4. Your body will tell you when enough is enough

These gym trainers/coaches will have you overworking yourself and tiring yourself out all in the name of “pushing you past your limits”  and “no pain, no gain”. Please listen when your body says it’s tired to avoid stories that touch from a real life angle. Set your own pace and adjust as needed.

5. You will have to clean up your diet… 

I’m sure  you’ve heard this one before but I need to mention it so you know that it is important. I’m not saying cut out every tasty thing in your life just because you’re now on a fitness journey. That’s a sure way to fail. Just remember to do everything in moderation. Wanna eat sweets? Do so, but with sense.

6. Your skin will glow…

No seriously, I found that my skin did better in months that I went to the gym. I want to give the credit to the amount of “clean sweat” your pores produce (there’s no research this is strictly my experience) and the hydration from increased water intake. The glow is outta this world but of course you have to couple it with a good skin care routine.

10 things to expect when you start going to the gym
peep my water bottle in the at the back

7. You will have a lot of energy… 

Initially, you’ll feel tired and sore but after a few days, the shift happens and you feel highly energetic, refreshed and generally motivated. Frankly, after a while I began to miss working out on days that I didn’t go to the gym. The energy boost is addictive. It also sharpens your focus.

8. You will fail without a gym buddy… 

A gym buddy is a person/friend that you work out with. They could be someone you know or someone you met in the gym whose fitness goals and yours align. You’ll both be in charge of keeping each other accountable. Because there are days when you’d honestly not feel like it. Life happens and some days you’ll talk yourself out of going. When I started, I had a gym buddy then they moved and going to the gym became bleh. Even the promise of an energy boost did not excite me.

9. You will get to see hot guys… 

Okay, this might be a little perverse but there are cute guys working on their bodies in the gym too. You get to ogle at the 6 packs and the biceps for free. Unless you go to a female-only session. Most gyms in the north offer this option for married women and single ladies that prefer to workout in the company of women only. Just know that as you are ogling they might be returning the favour, therefore, a few rules of engagement – remember point #3 and stay sharp since most people treat the gym as a pickup point and you don’t want to have to change gyms if a relationship goes awry.

10. You will need a feel good playlist…

Sometimes the “house music” sucks. So have a playlist of whatever you have handy with headphones. My go to workout songs are usually in the rap genre because rap makes me feel myself and throw attitude as needed. hehe.. I’ll share my fitness playlist here someday and it is good if i do say so myself.



Is there anything I missed that you would like to add to the list? Please share in the comment section. 

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  1. Cheetahzyn says:

    I need to subscribe, gurl needs that flexibility.Anoda point:I:if ure on a lose that weight journey, don’t use the scale for the first few months, go with how ur clothes fits, that way u won’t be discouraged.

    1. So true, a scale is an instrument of the devil when you’re trying to lose weight lol.

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