Self love: A beginner's guide
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Self Love: A beginner’s guide

Self love is about way more than yelling “self love” when you make an expensive purchase in the begining of the month (that you know will leave you broke through the month). Self love means looking out for your own happiness and putting yourself first. Some people think that this borders on egotism, selfishness or …

Body moisturizers
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Body Moisturizers: Empties + Reviews

Body moisturizers and body care in general are a necessary part of skincare. This part also devours my coinzzz! It doesn’t help that I get bored of body products real quick and am constantly in search for something new. I decluttered my space recently, you can read all about that here. Unsurprisingly, I had a …

Eid gift guide
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My Ultimate Eid Gift Guide: Instagram Vendors Edition

Eid gifts (“barka da sallah” or “goron sallah“) are one of the things I look forward to during the celebration. I know we are a few weeks away from Eid-el-Adha and I’m already talking eid but I get excited about eid. The food, new clothes, gifts, money, visiting family, the whole nine yards. Eid is …

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Product Review: 786 nail polish and soy nail polish remover

Hi beauties, I am back with another product review. This time we are looking at a halal nail polish and soy-based nail polish remover from a brand called 786 cosmetics. I was super excited to discover the brand which offers halal nail polishes and I decided to purchase from @234collections on instagram and try out …

Thél mask trio set
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Product review: Thél Skincare trio mask set

Thél Skincare is the brain child of Nigerian Youtuber Hauwa Indimi. It launched in 2018 with its “miracle” face mask and was an instant hit with skincare enthusiasts familiar with the brand. It was hard to go through Instagram without seeing someone with green goop all over their face. The brand has since launched two …